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United Brokers of Louisiana, LLC deals with industrial, residential as well as commercial real estate around the Greater New Orleans area. We work with all essentials of the real estate business and provide every kind of help to buyers & sellers. 



Many for sale/lease properties can be found on the internet these days but all of the template-based platforms like, Zillow, Trulia, even the Realtor’s exclusive accessed systems have limitations to showcase the uniqueness of the deal. 

Our agents know or will help you find out what you need to know.  


Free customized lists

Let us know your purchase or rental interests such as area, size, price range, special amentities and we will set up customized search just for you. 

If you are offering real estate and want to know about other available properties in your area we can make a search and have those listings sent to you too.

No Hidden Fees

Our agency fees are paid by the seller/landlord when a transaction is complete unless pre-arranged differently. 

We are also glad to help our clients understand any other fees associated with the entire transaction such as for inspection, appraisal,  title search, recording, title insurance, etc. 

Featured Listings

No matter the condition, size, location, price, each property is a perfect match to its own user for a certain period of time. Our job is to find that right match and facilitate the ownership transfer or lease smoothly. We work hard to showcase and highlight the uniqueness of available properties, so they don’t get buried within a sea of other listings in town.

Sample Of Our Current, Pending, Or Sold Listing

110 Bellemeade Blvd. Ste B, Gretna, LA

4391 Michoud Blvd. NOLA

1744 Timberlane Estate Dr., Harvey, LA

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Meet Our Agents

Like-minded agents & clients create synergy. Whether you are a first time home buyer or seasoned investor, our agents will be good complements to your real estate adventure.  We are easy to approach by buyers with little to no experience & investor friendly. We are professionals in handling showing, offers, negotiations and anything throughout the entire transaction.

Derek A. Lightell

504 224 0019 (c)

Joshua S. Hughes

504 390 4598 (c)

Taylor Lightell

504 418 0985 (c)

Brandon Jones

504 320 9364 (c)

Brian Allen

504 931 4268 (c)

Anitra Box

504-722-3333 (c)

Uriel Lambert

504 782 9754 (c)

Chantal Jackson

504 615 5787 (c)

Juan A. Burns

504 756 0931 (c)

Shandy Arguelles

504.401.4433 (c)

Derrick Gettridge

504.400.3096 (c)

What Our Clients Say

A Real Estate transaction could be one of the largest buy/sell deals someone will do in his or her life. If for any reason you feel a little uncomfortable to reach out to an agent, read the testimonials and see how other people’s experiences were like. We are confident that you’ll enjoy yours.

I inherited a house and couldn’t sell it for various reasons, but I found Derek online. I was skeptical but he said he would find the best way to help me sell it. He did and the offer was fair, we closed without hassle, and I’d work with him in the future again.

Caden B.

Succession House

My clinic’s lease was going to increase and I thought about moving to a nearby location. Michael not only helped me find a suitable place but he told me that I should be able to own it and pay a consistent payment. Now I own my business building!

Hannah C.


I’ve been living in different parts of the country but why did I choose to settle in NOLA? Joshua introduced me to what this city can offer so I can see how to grow & prosper personally and in real estate. I would do deals with him over and over.

Emelda W.

Navy Veteran

I build spec homes. While it takes 6 to 8 months to complete a project the buyers market seem to have taken a downturn. Agents at United Brokers helped me line up a qualified buyer before I finish building, The buyer even waited patiently.

Mark F.

Home Builder

Ready For The Perfect Deal?

Our agents are ready to assist clients at different stages of Real Estate readiness. Interested in a new homeowner seminar, learn about financing, want to evaluate a market trend, learn more about a listing or ready to buy with all cash? Let’s schedule a free consultation.

Contact an Agent!

Call: (504) 265-0070
Fax: (888) 366-8710
2439 Manhattan Blvd., Ste 404
Harvey, LA 70058

Licensed by the Louisiana & Mississippi Real Estate Commission

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